What is MICK – My Identity Check?


The way to go for secure video identification

Since 1 January 2017, Austrian companies have been allowed to check their customers’ ID in the course of a video chat. Customers no longer need to visit a branch to present proof of their ID. MICK (My Identity Check) is a highly secure video identification service that conforms with the highest security standards. It enables companies and customers to enter into online transactions without delay.

How does MICK work?


The identification process is carried out in the Austrian State Printing House’s high-security zone by video agents who have security clearance and have been specifically trained for this purpose. The video identification requires nothing beyond an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone equipped with a webcam.

MICK can combine video identification with analogue identification in a branch office or store.


registered customers apply for the service online.

ID check

an identity check is realised without media discontinuity by trained staff in the course of the video chat.


the user presents a valid identity document, passport or driving license to the webcam, enabling a check of security features by tilting the document. The necessary legitimisation data are registered and stored.


the identification process is concluded via TAN or, optionally, a qualified signature. This way, the legitimisation process is realised in a matter of a few minutes.

Who can benefit from MICK?


Application fields

MICK is suitable for enterprises and institutions that wish to offer an extremely secure video identification service that conforms to the highest standards.

MICK can be used when opening bank accounts, entering into insurance contracts, or in driving license and age checks.


  • Saves costs without compromising on security: MICK users can conclude a contract in a short amount of time (three to five minutes per contract) without media discontinuity, saving time and money for everybody involved.
  • Secure identities: MICK uses a high-security solution with a data centre available 24/7 that has already proven reliable in Germany. All data are stored in the high-security zone of the Austrian State Printing House.
  • Secure perspective: in the future – and the necessary legal amendments provided – MICK might even be able to check identification data including a person’s picture against the official databases of the state in the course of a video identification process. This would be a further leap in the security level provided by video identification.



Fully automated customer verification with a human touch!

Via the proven API, MICK not only offers you BaFin or FM-GwG-compliant identification via Video-Ident-Call, but also optionally a fully automated identification process using MICK AutoID. For fast onboarding with MICK AutoID, your customers only need to upload photos of an official ID document and a selfie. After this the customer is already finished and MICK AutoID checks and verifies the personal data fully automatically and delivers an immediate result!

A help desk with specially trained MICK agents can help the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in case of interefering reflections on photos or uncertainties in the background. MICK AutoID fulfills all applicable GDPR criteria and in case of customer problems during the onboarding, a seamless switch to personal support by our MICK agents is ensured. This way, we guarantee the highest quality of service for every customer and a high conversion rate for you.

Ideal areas of application for AutoID

  • Driver's license verification for mobility providers
  • Quick and secure password reset
  • Automated customer onboarding via ID document
  • Re-verification of existing customers

You want to use MICK for your enterprise?

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