What does a career at youniqx Identity AG mean?

Since being founded in 2017 as a subsidiary start-up to the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD), at youniqx Identity we’ve been bringing together what belongs together: centuries of experience in high-security printing, and modern, innovative and secure solutions for today’s digital world. With new ideas and programmes such as the digital ID-solution “MIA” or the highly secure “chainlock card”for the domain of crypto-currencies, we are one of the pioneers of digital identity and value management.

Our motivation

We provide effective answers to questions asked by states, companies and private individuals about digital identity in the 21st Century. In the area of digital identity, we are not followers, but leaders.


Do you want to be part of the youniqx team?

Is your whole life digital, but the world around you seems like it’s stuck in the past? Are you the kind of person who wonders why you can’t just have your driving licence on your smartphone? Do you ask yourself why you can’t open a new bank account while comfortably sitting on your sofa? Why you have to constantly worry about the security of your crypto-wallets? We ask ourselves exactly the same things! Develop identity solutions with us and relegate annoyances like these to museums. We offer you steady employment with an open, innovative and laid-back working environment and real opportunities for your career!
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Benefits of the job

We are an extraordinary company looking for extraordinary people. We are currently seeking colleagues with the following qualifications for our team:

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Make it easy – your application at youniqx

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Just like you, we want the application process to be fast, fair and transparent for both sides. We are convinced that this is the only way for us to find the right people and for you to find the position that’s right for you.

The process after that is simple:

  • Application

    You will immediately receive a message confirming that we have received your documents.

  • Review

    We read your application documents carefully and compare your education, professional experience, career path, further education, etc. with the vacancy’s requirements.

  • Interview - in person or online

    If we’re interested in your application, we will gladly invite you for an interview - either in person or online. You can get your own impression of our company and of the position, and decide whether you can meet the expectations of the job. In a face-to-face conversation, we can also check whether you meet our requirement profile.

  • Feedback

    Within a few days we will give you feedback on the status of your application.

All recieved career applications remain absolutely confidential! As part of the application process, we collect, process and store your personal data solely on the basis of the legal regulations. All information about your rights, the handling of your data and the contact details to our data protection officer are available at our data privacy page for applicants.

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Rebekka Fiedler
Telefon +43 1 20666-287

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Roland Leprich
Phone +43 1 20666-243