What is MIA – My Identity App?


The future of secure digital identities

Our mobile ID solution MIA (My Identity App) offers a highly secure electronic identity (eID) to users by combining traditional ID documents with a digital identity in a smartphone app that operates on any platform. With MIA, users can transparently identify and authenticate themselves in both the physical and digital world and rest assured that security, privacy, data protection, usability and trust placed in the app have been considered in equal parts.


How does MIA work?

  • Start

    start MIA to upload your personal data to your smartphone

  • Link

    establishes a link between the verifier and the verified person

  • Clearance

    data must be cleared by the verified person


Who can benefit from MIA?

MIA offers eID solutions suitable for countries (e.g. digital passport, health insurance card, digital ID document) and enterprises (e.g. the finance, gaming, or amusement industries) that are required to implement easy-to-use and secure 2-factor-authentication.


Secure Identity

MIA prevents identity theft as it becomes unnecessary to store personal data on the smartphone.

Easy Renewal

A lost or stolen ID can easily be cancelled, saving time and money.


No additional hardware is required for carrying out bank transactions. What is more, users can view all transaction details before confirming the transaction.

Easy To Use

MIA enables users to check the authenticity of ID documents themselves.

Application fields for the mobile ID app

MIA is suitable for a variety of applications: identification in traffic checks, age verification, hotel check-ins, or when opening a bank account. Regardless of the field of use, MIA keeps electronic identities safe.

  • Presenting an ID in a traffic check
  • Sharing car registration documents with friends and family
  • Verifying your age (e.g. 18+, without having to state your date of birth)
  • Hotel check-in
  • Opening a bank account
  • High transparency at all times
  • App-to-app communication support
MIA has to be officially launched in a country. As soon as this has been done, it will be available for purchase (App Store and Google Play Store).
Yes, it is programmed for use on multiple devices.
MIA supports an easy transfer to a new smartphone.
MIA offers various recovery options for this case. As a last resort, you can also contact the relevant public authority.
Definitely, MIA is intended to offer an additional service.
Yes, there are no data stored on the smartphone itself. A transport encryption is in place between the smartphone and the back end. Moreover, users have the option to additionally use a PIN code or biometric identification.
No, this is not possible as the data are not stored on the smartphone. The user always needs to confirm any access to the data.
Yes, MIA offers app-to-app communication. It supports user authentication on the same device.