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The Austrian State Printing House (Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH [OeSD]) combines over 200 years of experience in the production of official documents that embraces the innovative, modern solutions of today.

In the company youniqx Identity AG, founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of OeSD, we unite what belongs together: Experience gained over centuries in highly secure document printing and modern, innovative and secure solutions for today’s digital world. With new ideas and applications – such as the electronic ID solution MIA (“My Identity App”) or the highly secure chainlock card for cryptocurrencies, we provide the answers to all questions regarding digital identity in the 21st century.


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Stevica Mihajlovic

Stevica Mihajlovic

Backend Developer


Samuel Zandl

Apprentice Software Development


David Herbst

UI/UX Engineer

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Our history


Incorporation of our innovation department

The foundation stone for youniqx Identity AG was laid in 2012 with the creation of our innovation department at the Austrian State Printing Office. And all with a clear goal in mind: Setting the course for tomorrow’s digital identity!


Conceptual design of an eID solution on the smartphone

What does it take to make your identity digital on a smartphone? We begin gathering our ideas and conceptualising our eID solution.


Start of development work on MIA with initially three developers

Not just bland theory! We begin developing our eID app “MIA” (My Identity App) in 2015.


Presentation of MIA involving representatives from government, the authorities and business

In the same year, we present MIA to representatives of the then government and Federal Minister Mikl-Leitner, as well as the relevant authorities and key stakeholders from the wider economy.


First pilot launch with the city of Graz

We launch our first pilot phase with the city of Graz. With our solution, the annual travel ticket for around 200 people transitions to the digital sphere and the smartphone, where it functions as both a ticket and proof of identity as one.


New product MICK

Identification via video call, no matter where you are? Doesn’t just sound great, it really is! Our app “MICK” (My Identity Check) launches in 2017!


Founding of youniqx with approx. 20 employees.

In 2017, we found youniqx Identity AG as a modern subsidiary start-up of the holding company “Österreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding”. Our approach to grappling with all challenges to do with digital identity: We never lag behind, but lead the way!


Start chainlock

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. But how to store crypto values securely and conveniently? We are working hard to develop chainlock, an unhackable offline cold wallet to store digital assets securely!


Starting point for the implementation of eID in Liechtenstein with approx. 30 employees.

Since 2020, all citizens of Liechtenstein are able to use the electronic ID “eID.li” developed by us. With eID.li, they can authenticate themselves quickly on the Internet and use many public services completely digital.


Integrating the international Green Pass into eID.li

We seamlessly integrate the COVID19-Green Pass into the existing eID.li. This allows citizens of Liechtenstein to identify themselves and present their vaccination proof within one app.


Development and launch of the CHECK-AT app

On behalf of our parent company OSD – Austrian State Printing House,' we develop the innovative CHECK-AT app for iOS and Android for the Ministry of the Interior of Austria. With CHECK-AT, the QR code on the new Austrian ID card can be scanned, and the document can be easily and quickly verified without prior knowledge


Development and launch of 'eAusweise app'

On the basis of our app 'MIA – My Identity App,' we develop the app 'eAusweise' and the Austrian digital mobile driving license on behalf of the Bundesrechenzentrum. The app successfully launched for iOS and Android with the digital mobile driving license. An absolute milestone for us at youniqx!


Notification of eID.li by the EU

eID.li is officially notified by the EU. This means that all users can use eID.li throughout the EU. At the same time, with eID.li, all government services and offers can be used throughout the EU.


Our Management Team


Executive Board
Helmut Lackner

YOUNIQX Supervisory Board

Mag. Ulrike Huemer
Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Ing.) Robert Schächter
Member of the Supervisory Board Dr. Johannes Strohmayer


What we are currently working on


On the basis of our app 'MIA - My Identity App,' we have developed the app 'eAusweise' and the Austrian digital mobile driving license on behalf of the “Bundesrechenzentrum – BRZ”. The eAusweise app is the digital ID platform for the Republic of Austria and can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app store for iOS and Android devices. It includes the digital mobile driving license, which can be presented as an official digital proof in a traffic control. In addition to the eAusweise' app, we have also developed the 'eAusweise Check' app and a non-public verification app for municipal law enforcement agencies at youniqx Identity. 'eAusweise Check' can also be downloaded for iOS and Android. With this app's simple verification function, any Austrian digital driving license can be securely and easily checked. But this is just the beginning: We are already working on making new digital IDs available for 'eAusweise.'


On behalf of our parent company 'OSD – Austrian State Printing House', we have developed the innovative CHECK-AT app for iOS and Android for the Ministry of the Interior of Austria. The CHECK-AT app is a digital tool for the straightforward verification of the new Austrian ID card launched in August 2021. With the app, the QR code and other security features on the latest generation of the Austrian ID card can be easily and securely verified. CHECK-AT is thus a tool that is available to all citizens and further enhances identity protection.

Cryptowallet chainlock

The chainlock card is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to store their cryptocurrencies and digital assets in a highly secure way. No matter whether it’s a small cryptocurrency gift for your own family or a highly secure investment involving large amounts from an investment portfolio.
More information on chainlock

MIA - My Identity App

MIA (“My Identity App”) introduces personal identity documents to your smartphone in digital form. MIA combines the security of physical identity documents with the ease of use that an app has to offer, and gives users full control over their personal data. Users alone decide who can view their identity documents. Personal documents can be shared at the touch of a button: either with the apps on your own smartphone, with other MIA users, with companies or with authorities during an official appointment.
More information on MIA
You searched for MIA in the Play & App Store and found nothing?

MIA is our platform that offers several different features for government clients. When government clients decide to introduce a digital ID for their citizens with MIA, we work out a specifically tailored MIA solution according to our clients’ own needs. The package also includes a new name for the app. For example, MIA 2020 has been launched in the Principality of Liechtenstein under the name “eID.li” and helps the citizens of Liechtenstein to use public services fully digital.


JAVA, nodejs & more

We use a broad range of tools in our everyday lives. Our digital toolbox:


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