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YOUNIQX – innovative solutions for secure identity management

YOUNIQX is your partner for solutions in the field of secure digital identities and values. Our security services such as the eID app MIA and the highly secure private key Chainlock make companies and institutions fit for the digital future.

YOUNIQX Identity AG was founded as a subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) in 2017. The innovative business can thus draw on many years of experience when it comes to identity management and the highest security standards. Our products and services are developed based on the most recent R&D findings. As a result, an identity document app and a driving licence app might soon become reality. Our solutions live up to today’s demanding requirements.

Because security comes first: also in the World Wide Web.


Secure Identities: a Challenge

As digitalisation is constantly advancing, keeping digital identities secure is becoming an increasingly difficult task. The targeted large-scale theft of credit-card data, protected customer data, or passwords endangers people, companies and institutions alike. Experts estimate that cybercrimes using fake identities have caused damage amounting to about 20 billion euros in Europe alone. As a result, people’s trust in digital technologies is undermined and the potential for a good quality of life, growth and a high employment rate cannot be harnessed. Communication and interaction between people, state institutions and private companies have to be secure also when conducted online. Secure identity management solutions help prevent cybercrime and identity theft, which is why states, institutions, and citizens of a digital society cannot do without them.

Securing Digital Values


Not only digital identities but also digital values are at risk and must be secured against criminals. The increasing use of blockchain technology in various fields of application, such as decentralised state registers and cryptocurrencies, has given rise to a strong demand for secure storage locations for digital currencies.

And we have delivered. We have combined innovative digital competence with tried-and-tested high-security technologies. In the Austrian State Printing House’s high-security zone, the safest location in all of Austria, we produce a credit-card-sized cold wallet: CHAINLOCK. This innovative solution offers a whole new level of security when it comes to storing private keys for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.


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